New features of Communicator Web Access 2007 R2 include:

  • Collaborate with external organizations. Communicator Web Access 2007 R2 offers the ability for customers and business partners outside of your organization to join conferencing and collaboration sessions easily and inexpensively. Invite anyone with a Web browser to join a conversation that you are hosting, share your desktop with a vendor to discuss a project, or start a conference call with a stakeholder and route the call to your handheld device.

  • Desktop sharing. Users can see everything happening on someone else’s computer, and can even be given the right to control that computer. People running Microsoft Windows and a supported Web browser can share their desktops with others; anyone running a supported Web browser (including people using Macintosh or Linux computers) can view and control a shared desktop.

  • "Dial-out” Conference Audio. Audio conferencing (using standard telephones, including cell phones) can be added to any existing instant messaging or desktop sharing session. You supply the names of each person to take part in the audio conference, and Communicator Web Access will take care of calling each person and with setting up and managing the conference call.

  • Support for distribution groups. Users can add distribution groups to their contact list and exchange instant messages with all (or some) of the members of those groups.

  • Customize the login screen and links. Your IT department has the ability to customize login screen and links.

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