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We did an event yesterday in microsoft about dpm2007 and hyper-v r2.

it was very well received but one thing did strike me…. people really dont understand the power of virtualization.

we demo’d some basic scenarios like VM deployment and live migration and they where blown away.. what really brought it together was simply the fact of being able to recover an entire machine in about 5 clicks and a small wieght (took 7 minutes to restore a 14gb vm)

the application to peoples environment was so obvious…

anyway i will be posting the slide decks in a few days for download… so if you want them keep an eye out here! 🙂


Federation between MOCS 2007 R1/R2 and IBM Sametime 8.0.2 is now available!

What for?
Federation allow two companies to share users’s Presence and to communicate with Instant Messaging. Each company must use a dedicated SIP domain name.

How does it works?

  • On the OCS side, you will need to deploy a MOCS 2007 Edge server (R1 or R2 version) enabled for the federation:
    • Configure your environment for the federation:
      • Configure firewall rules on port TCP5061 bidirectionnal
      • Create a public DNS A record (ex: Create also a public DNS SRV record (ex: pointing on to on port 5061
      • Request a commercial certificate (ex: subject name:
    • Deploy your edge server, ans especially the Access Edge server role
    • Note: You do not need a reverse proxy server for the federation
  • On the Sametime side, you will need to deploy an IBM Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 and the HF2 hotfix: Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 Hot-Fix One (HF1) is now available

In case of issues, you will need to open a case on both Microsoft and IBM supports.

Technet Edge Interview


i just want to post this as i am very i happy i passed both 074-924 and 088-924 🙂 these are the voice specialization exams and you must go to a voice ignite session before being allowed to sit them….

but be warned they are not easy… and there is no reference or practice tests out there so make sure you know your stuff! 🙂