Ok i know i have been gone again for a while! 🙂

but when work is flooding in the door during a recession you tend not to say no 🙂


right well i am in germany at the minute on the last day of a big ocs install… and even now when i taught i had seen every problem

we found another…

and you wouldnt believe it! basically we were running validation against each component of OCS FE and everything was passing except for the A/V Component….

very strange considering we could live meeting and im and presence from federated sources….

now initial you think firewall rules and you verify everything there is correct so where do you go from there….

firewall logs…. snooper trace……. all provide no information….

so… what would you say about the system locales if i told you to change it to english (united states) for the rtcproxyservice account….

well we had exactly that issue…. the edge server was deployed by a german team while the other servers where deployed by a US team and for some reason OCS got a little bit upset and wouldnt work but correct the system local and restart the services and everything kicked in!


anyway….. i will be blogging more from now on things are beginning to calm down