i was having an issue recently around the address book not syncing…. after some investigation we found the app pool in iis (lsgroupexpapppool) was stopped. we started this and tried to browse to the internal url and the app pool stopped….

after further investigation on the web we verified the identity and password was correct and the rtccomponentservice account had indeed got password never expires ticked!

so we were quite stumped…. what the issue turned out to be (after a rebuild and it happening again) was a group policy had removed the rtccomponentservice from the logon as a batch right and the service wouldnt start….

rtccomponentservice and rtcservice both have to have logon as a service and logon on as a batch job privileges which can be check in the local security policy on the machine…. if not ensure they get distributed to the servers via group policy it could save a lot of pain!