so as i sit in seatac airport (on free wifi WELL DONE GUYS!) i look back over the last few days and think what an event…. 1400 people from over 70 countries fantastic….. and for those who have not seen the redmond campus all i can say is its something else…… its so big (to an irish guy!) its hard to fathom, and more so when you are going around the campus just knowing the juicy projects that are happening all over the place you cant help but want to run in to all the buildings and try and find out everything….

needless to say i had a great time, got to meet alot of the Irish MVP’s at last and finally put names to faces

with particular thanks to aidan, niall and bob as they guided me nicely thru the experience and introduced alot of mvp’s around the world!

it was also very interesting to see the perception of were ocs is being marketed versus were it is actually being deployed and the situations each mvp faces when looking at these deployments…

obviously all the content is under nda so you will just have to wait before we can dish out any information….

but the “experience” is amazing!