no my first advice will be try not to do it this way… its a clunky piece of software and quite tedious to get working but here is some notes just in case like me you have a customer who wants it and you have to go the distance …

Windows 7 x64 and CuCiMoc dont get on so please do it on a x32 version!

now first

ALL NUMBERS have to be in E164 format in the active directory profile of the user!

then regenerate and sync your address book using abserver –regenUR and abserver –syncnow leave at least 3-5 minutes after each command before proceeding

now once this is done…. proceed with updating the galcontacts.db on your client BEFORE installing the CuCiMOC

you might have to delete it and restart the MOC to download the latest version of the Address book.

NOW you are ready to install CuCiMOC (communicator must be closed and exited before proceeding)

you need a whole heap of registry keys which i will post the contents of an exported reg file tomorrow so all you will have to do is copy and paste and change some settings to your environment 🙂

now once this is done you need to configure call manager and the application dial rules so it know how to handle the incoming E164 numbers from OCS

once you got all this done you should be in good shape