so i have been messing with UAG for a couple of days and have come across a couple of different things i think are worth sharing…


1. DO NOT CHANGE THE NICS (names, ip’s etc…) after installing UAG it really gets up set and it could mean a complete server rebuild

2. for those of you get the configuration cannot be loaded from storage error, first check that all TMG and UAG services are started it not start them, if you still get the error uninstall all forefront product, delete any remain directories and clear the registry and try again, if it continues to fail after this a server rebuild is the only option. 😦

3. UAG is heavily dependent on the network location awareness service and the management console will not start if this service is not started!

other than that i have a direct access (really cool) server setup in under and hour and now can connect to my corporate resources without a vpn any more!