over the past few days i have done a few migrations from beta to rc

and other bits in between….

the move-csmanagementstore cmdlet kept failing saying the sql server was not accessible but it was and no firewall was enabled and i could create an odbc connection to the DB and all was great HOWEVER i still could not move the CMS database master! (remember all servers host a copy of the database) anyway a quick ADSI edit os MS-RTCSIP-backendserver value in AD changing it to the server i want and off we go! refresh the topology builder and all done

one of the coolest commands i have come across when decommissioning a server is the bootstrapper.exe /scorch command

other commands i have had to use are

install-csdatabase –centralmanagementdata –clean –sqlserverfqdn server.contoso.com –sqlinstance rtc (this creates the CMS database)

install-csdatabase –localdatabases –clean (this creates the local database store)

disable-cscomputer (removes roles from the server based on the published topology)

enable-cscomputer (enables roles from the server based on the published topology)

get-csconferencedirectory (see what conference directories are published in the entire topology)

remove-csconferencedirectory (deletes a specific directory based on the identity you specify)

logging is excellent in every part of it and you can isolate problems very quickly which is a massive change from the previous versions…

and of course RBAC this to me is a god send!

for now on with the playing! 🙂