As we all know by now today was global lync launch day πŸ™‚ and personally I think it’s such an amazing the technology has come on so much in just over the two years that I have played with it, it’s incredible.
Some of the things right out of the box that are very impressive for me are

The interface from a client and server perspective are completely different and for the better I think! Let’s just say silverlight

The second big thing for me is the virtualization standpoint. Virtualization equals less physical hardware which equals better chance of deploying lync πŸ™‚ and let’s face it as excellent as it is lync still requires servers ( virtual/physical) one way or another and the more complex your design the more servers that are needed but I stress that it is for good reason but since you have now got good virtualization support it’s becomes easier to deploy! Just make sure you have the head room to virtualized and more so it makes sense for your deployment

The next part of lync that is just brilliant is the colocation of the mediation role on the front end server.

Media bypass, sip trunks, powershell etc… There is so much more that makes it worth looking at but the final thing I think is worth mentioning is the audio quality is at least 10 times better than OCs and with the right headsets / handsets better than traditional Pbx PERIOD