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Excellent Powershell Resource

I am still relatively new to powershell but can with a poking and shoving i can make it do what i want…. eventually!

but lets be honest, how many people create scripts from scratch themselves and if so WHY!

there is so many samples on the web and again we minor changes you can make them do what you need, and the coding is usually pretty good but i do like repositories of scripts and here is a link to the microsoft script center


it has all sorts of scripts to help you automate simple tasks and i think is very worth the while to check out!




I love these blog posts by the Ask The Core team and i think everyone should subscribe to their blog, they do not post often but when they do its worth while….


this post represents a problem for which i have seen many a time what it comes to clustering with hyper-v and let me assure you to date its never been a windows / hyper-v issue, it has always been network related / fibre channel related.

In my experience it is almost always down to a dodgy cable but in the case your problem is not the same this guide will help you on your way to discovering the exact issues.


Enjoy and thanks to the Ask the Core Team Again!

i was asked this today and have done it several times my self but today i am going to be a little bit lazy and link to a blog post where it is better explained then i can do it well in the time i have!


it has also been updated to suit SP1 in exchange …. enjoy! and thanks to the original author!

This technology released from cisco for a while now has not really been an issue or a topic of conversation around tables when discussing hardware refresh up to now, but in the last couple of weeks it has started to be dropped into the conversation.

Let me be honest, i am a HP / DELL fan there are different elements of each vendor i like more than the other, however i am not going to compare here…

To help me out on my understanding of Cisco UCS (unified computing system) i came across this article and albiet old will give you the good and bad that the system faces in general


The truth is, cisco as a switching and routing platform is excellent, voice in my opinion is complicated but make no doubt is also enterprise worth! However servers….. this is still a new adventure for them and have EVERYTHING to prove. Since there release i dont think i have seen or heard one sold in ireland, but then again i am only one person! Open-mouthed smile


Anyway Cisco is expensive and even though they try and unify switching / routing and now server platforms the end result is going to be more expensive and i suppose what interests me the most is they have implemented their own version of ethernet! This to any networking guy does now go down well and can mean only one thing, if you want this you have to have cisco throughout….

in these times that is a difficult sell i am afraid…. but who knows…..

it is worth keeping an eye either way…

Its been a couple of weeks now since Lync RTM’d and i cant help but think how the face of things are going to change.


i read a blog post the other day from about Millennials and it got me thinking.


it is true most senior IT Pros are aware of the new social media engines and web 2.0 which drive the life style of the “Millennials” and of course many of us to Smile


but we still like to keep control and in an enterprise environment control is definitely key to ensure we dont have nasty litigations etc… on our hands!

So…. when you look at a business now look at the age profile of the people in charge and think…. do they have children and what age would they be!

Most of them will be in the age bracket that going away for long weeks and traveling for a year will be common place and how do they keep in touch with back home…….. you got it SKYPE/ FACEBOOK / MSN etc…

The true days of the desk jockey who wants a keypad to punch are numbered in my opinion and this is were i think Lync will gain adoption in the enterprise, it’s feel is very similar to the Social media engines and can also federate to some of these services as well and integrate in various other ways… and not to mention most “execs” are used to driving this experience in a slightly different setting on there home PC (trust me if my dad can do it!)

And best of all we get to keep control of the system because Lync is an enterprise ready technology with all those security features / auditing capabilities all there to keep the it admin at peace.

and finally not to mention it is a kick ass enterprise voice solution Smile with tongue out with the ability to connect directly to sip trunk providers and give you massive call cost saving and line rental saving

but dont take my word for it try it out

i was doing some more digging today and came across this, now opalis is still relatively new to most people but i have the feeling it is time to start becoming well versed on the subject, so to start here is alink of what management packs are currently available for opalis


what better way to spend christmas Smile

I came across this article and a few others linked to it this morning and taught it was worth sharing out

here is the link

this particular one is about scalability but there is links for capacity planning

load simulation and running it as a virtual machine!

i think if your thinking of doing VDI and its not a complex infrastructure then pure RDS is worth investing time in, if it is a large scale project then you need to compliment rds with Citrix Smile

so i did promise to do more Lync stuff Smile and i meant it

but unfortunately a new job means upskilling and loads of different work and loads of time spent getting to know the system!


however we are getting back on track now and the first bits i have done is publish a video on installing Lync 2010 Standard Edition…


Handy i think for starting an internal POC and this just part one Smile


keep an eye out for part 2

its an mp4 video…. hope it helps some people out


Download Link –>