This technology released from cisco for a while now has not really been an issue or a topic of conversation around tables when discussing hardware refresh up to now, but in the last couple of weeks it has started to be dropped into the conversation.

Let me be honest, i am a HP / DELL fan there are different elements of each vendor i like more than the other, however i am not going to compare here…

To help me out on my understanding of Cisco UCS (unified computing system) i came across this article and albiet old will give you the good and bad that the system faces in general


The truth is, cisco as a switching and routing platform is excellent, voice in my opinion is complicated but make no doubt is also enterprise worth! However servers….. this is still a new adventure for them and have EVERYTHING to prove. Since there release i dont think i have seen or heard one sold in ireland, but then again i am only one person! Open-mouthed smile


Anyway Cisco is expensive and even though they try and unify switching / routing and now server platforms the end result is going to be more expensive and i suppose what interests me the most is they have implemented their own version of ethernet! This to any networking guy does now go down well and can mean only one thing, if you want this you have to have cisco throughout….

in these times that is a difficult sell i am afraid…. but who knows…..

it is worth keeping an eye either way…