So one of the things i like about my job is that i get to play with technology but it can also be a problem as when you get your hands on it problems can often occur!

So this week it was a c3000 blade chassis with flex 10 virtual connect in it.

The blades were brand spanking new bl465c G7 with NM551 flex nics

The whole purpose of this kit is to build the Private cloud on HP Hardware using Microsoft Technologies…

But i did come across this strange issue which was awkward to fix and is documented no where!

the configuration of the system was pretty intuitive but when i enabled the virtual connect config nothing worked!

so to troubleshoot the problem i logged into the open administrator you see a little information icon beside your blade saying “not configured for virtual connect”

then i logged into the virtual connect manager and see big red X’s and failed messages against server profiles!

after much searching it turns out the “prebuilt” chassis firmware’s don’t work with each other!

so the OA had 3.11 and the Virtual connect had 2.33

apparently 2.33 for virtual connect has no support for NM551 nic’s and that were the other messages come from.

So you think easy enough i will just upgrade the firmware…. So you download the latest firmware 3.15 and begin the upload and another error message “file too big to handle”

so tried the virtual connect support utility and i get plenty of timeouts and failures no specific error messages…..

anyway i could go on about the problems but one way or another they resemble the issues above

the fix!

download 2.34 firmware and upload via the gui and activate… then download the latest virtual connect support utility and download 3.10 and update via the command line

then download 3.15 and repeat!

3.15 supports the NM551 nics and now flex 10 is rocking away!