its a topic i talked about a while back… and i think needs to be emphasised to the end user / customer / whoever you are!

lets take a look at this very simply  and i think the point will be made….

if you look at the hardware specs for Lync you are will see that you will require 2 x Quad core proc’s and around 8 gb ram….

No problem i hear you see… but hey hang on hyper-v on supports 4 vCPU

and there in lies the problem… (i am not bashing hyper-v by the way i know 8 vcpu will be on the way soon enough)

straight away you are limiting the amount of resources you can giving to a production environment!

so again i will say before you do it, please consider it….

Lync is designed as a pbx replacement and if this is going to be your MAIN production pbx consider that point….

and by the way i am all for virtualizing lync it does make sense just be aware of the potential issues…