Dynamic datacenter / private cloud what ever you want to call it is simply a strategy to automate tasks and essentially give utility based costs back to the company which can be allocated out with far greater ease. This is achieved thru management tools suites and it processes.

Now there is a big problem it is a vision a strategy if you will…. It is something to be worked towards . It is not something that you wake up in the morning and implement.

Now I am not going to get all zen about the topic but we do have to be realistic …. A major factor that is missing in slot of organisations is basic IT process…. Basic policies… Etc…

Before the vision of the private cloud can be brought to fruition you need to consider the basic processes…

It is evident in many conversations we have at the minute that although the idea of private cloud is attractive the gap between the utopia and the current reality resembles the grand canyon!

So before you embark on your journey please take plenty of time to consider the steps involved and what it really means for your organisation.

To give you something to chew on…
Ask some basic questions
1. How do I manage my desktops ( think around application deployment / patching / os deployment)
2. How do I manage my servers (are they in good health / patching again / event management/ problem resolution)
3. How do I manage my users (how are passwords reset / users created deleted etc..)

There are many other questions you could ask but they are 3 basic questions which will determine can you effectively achieve the private cloud. I know I have included some desktop questions but the point I am trying to highlight it doesn’t finish at the server room door. The entire ecosystem needs to be considered… If you think in terms of vdi and you will understand that the desktops now become the responsibility of the DATACENTER where in the past it was not there problem.

Personally I think this is a fantastic vision and something to work to but for some it will be a long battle ……