this is something that has cropped up a couple of times in the last few weeks and i decided to go obtain the answer and post it, i found it very hard to find decent info about it.

Remember they have deprecated the transition pack that was in 2003 sbs so the following is the only way to do it


So here you are…. and thanks to the original author Open-mouthed smile

You basically need to migrate off, an outline of this would be something like this:

1. Stand up another server running 2008/2008 R2 Standard

2. Join the existing domain and make it a domain controller/DNS Server and Global Catalog

3. Install Exchange 2007/2010 on that server.

4. Move Mailboxes/Public Folders/Offline Address Book Generation/RUS etc… over to the new Exchange server

5. Uninstall Exchange from SBS 2008

6. Move over Data Files, LOB apps, SQL, SharePoint, IIS websites etc… (this will be different for each company/person depending on what they use on the existing SBS)

7. Once all of the workloads have been moved over to the new server, at this Point transfer the FSMO roles to the new server (this will start 21 day countdown to remove SBS)

8. When comfortable to do so, go ahead and DCPromo down the SBS server and remove it from the network (after DCPromo down counter goes to 7 days to remove Including the time already taken.  E.g. you had the 21 day grace period and you waited 5 days and then DCPROMOed down you now have 2 days remaining) basically DCPromo down is the last thing you do so the amount of time left really doesn’t matter.

9. At this point you have a typical standard domain and you can establish a trust relationship with the main domain.

Here is a whitepaper that goes into more detail which covers an SBS 2008 to SBS 2008 migration to new hardware, the steps are virtually identical to what you will be doing.