This document is provide to help you install the debugging tools and to analyze a crash dump to provide root cause for a BSOD. The process is relatively simple to obtain the analyses but to fully interpret the values and data after execution may require a deeper knowledge of windows and understanding of the background services

Section 1: Procedure For Installation

1. Download debugging tools from here


2. Run the installer and click next


3. Accept the license and click next


4. Accept the default install path and click next


5. Accept the default installation options and click next


6. Click Next to begin the install


7. Click Finish to complete the installation


Section 2: Procedure to Anaylze A Dump File

1. Click Start àAll Programs à Debugging Tools For Windows (x64) à Winbdg


2. Once the windows debugger opens click file à symbol path

3. Fill in the field with the following to use the current symbols online and click ok

NOTE: Debug Symbols Location for download



4. Now click open crash dump and browse to where you have your dump located

5. Click Yes to save information in this workspace


6. Allow Windbg to analyze the file and observe the output

7. As you will notice under bug analysis it will give you the faulting file in this case it was ntkrnlmp.exe, but this is not the root cause ….


8. Now in the field at the bottom of the screen type !analyze –v to get verbose information on the fault.. see below


9. From this we can see there is a problem with SMCGUI.exe which is a Symantec antivirus application. The customer is advised to disk check the system, ensure the exclusions are configured correctly and ensure there is no errors in the Hardware logs.