I work with a customer who deletes the profile every night, this is a nightmare for the user as some key data would be lost every evening, roaming profiles are not an option in this case, but the machines do have a second partition so what we do is use folder redirection, so it goes outside the scope of the profile deleting utility and the info is there when the user logs on!



Disclaimer – please test this on your system before rolling out to production, i am not responsible and will not be held to any accountability for any misuse …


1. Logon to your DC

2. Open Group Policy Management Console

3. Expand to the highest level point in the chain you wish to have to group policy apply from

In the below example we are starting directly under the forest root, which will affect all users.


4. Right Click and Select Create a GPO in this domain and link it here….


5. Enter in a descriptive name i.e. outlook signature redirection and click ok


6. Right click the GPO and select edit

7. Expand à User Configuration à Policies à Windows Settings à Folder Redirection à Appdata (Roaming)


8. Right Click Appdata (Roaming) and select Properties


9. Select the settings as below which reflect your environment and click ok