this has got me really interested, after a good bit of research on how you would achieve the mechanisms to get it between on premise and the cloud, i know see this as an excellent reality. especially for the small companies who service it and want flexibility that would be outside the standard offering of office 365 (which btw does rock!)

i moved my own domain to office 365 last night and am loving it so far. just need to play with the sharepoint elements of the system….


but the vm role in azure has real possibilities especially as you use all the FREE tools from MS to do the provisioning (small extension pack is needed) needless to say as soon as i can get on to the relevant beta program / tap i will….. and off i go to dig Smile


ladies and gentlemen —> its more difficult to go against the grain and when the grain is this smooth in the this direction why bother!

the technology is here now, cloud is what our future is (until something else comes along…. Smile with tongue out)