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Its a question that is asked a lot by customers and one i have definitely found clouded due to the reputation of the previous product OCS 2007 R1 / R2. In my personal opinion, Lync is enterprise ready but i am only one person Smile So i did some research and came across a very interesting link which have tested and tried to stress the Lync system. Here is the link to the post

Now as i said in my opinion yes it is enterprise ready and is a real alternative to the a traditional pbx or ip pbx. I noticed this on the beta builds, the voice quality alone had improved so much i would not have none i was on a lync system if i had not been told and that was in BETA! now its in rtm with the bugs worked out (well as much as you can!)

What also is interesting to drive this product into the enterprise pbx space, is that telephony more often than not is falling into the responsibility of the it team to maintain. if you still lucky to have facilities doing it than well done but at the end of the day, they are maintain separate systems, maintenance contracts etc… to keep this up which at the end of the day is an extra cost. Lync can sit on the IT infrastructure can be managed and monitored by the IT Team, users can be provisioned during the process of creation reducing specialist costs. No special handsets are required as they can use their laptop / pc (and why not as most people are used to using skype/msn/google chat nowadays even exec’s) and finally you have the scalability and flexibility or the platform.

If it is your time to replace the companies PBX, Lync certainly should be on your list to review as a SERIOUS competitor.  Imagine being able to virtualize your PBX hardware and provider EASY disaster recovery for it, with very simple tools to drive it and no specialists required.



Major problem today last day of the project and couldnt get group chat installed it was right to the wire…

all we were getting was Error 121 after the setup was ran for the group chat server and it invoked the configuration tool…

now we rechecked the database permissions , accounts, membership everything

reviewed various technet documentation and blogs and nothing at all!

anyway…. sql and kerberos turned out to be our problem and we exposed it with UAC in windows

basically when the installer was invoking the configuration tool it was doing under system and tried to authenticate to the sql server (as kerberos is in use) with the machine account and not the account we invoked the installer under!

very annoying! so the obvious thing was to add the machine account to sql 2008 but guess what you cant!…. well not directly! 🙂

to get around the problem we created a group, added the machine account to the group and then added it to the sql security and gave it SA permissions with DBO on the relevant database…

after this group chat installed with no errors……