This is something i am coming across alot lately and i taught i would share some information which i think is valuable

So first of all yes you should virtualize SBS, it makes alot of sense for multiple different reasons….

So lets start with the basics….

and here is the good news… if you buy SBS Standard you get rights to install Windows 2008 R2 Standard and you are still entitled to the one virtual OSE now that is cool!  if you buy SBS Premium you get 2

if you look at the attached diagram you will see you should install the base sbs on the parent partition and the applications in the virtual environment (after you enable the hyper-v component)

This options up plenty of really interesting oppurtunities to give customers virtualization in a small business that doesnt freak them out as they can see a familiar interface in windows 🙂

Its something we have been doing a long time…. and i think its the best practice way of deploying SBS